Young Xehanort, referred to as the Unknown (謎の男 Nazo no Otoko) and the Mysterious Figure in the North American, PAL, and Final Mix versions of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, is a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and one of the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, this boss fight is widely infamous for its high difficulty.

Why He Sucks

  1. Young Xehanort is crazy fast, making him super hard to hit.
  2. Young Xehanort hits hard, like, VERY hard.
  3. Young Xehanort's A.I is beyond brutal, he will attack you non-stop with his super fast combos.
  4. As stated above, he is a optional boss under "Mysterious Figure" In Birth By Sleep. Let this sink in; You're fighting a boss that was already tough as nails optionally in a past game, and now you fight him as the final boss. That's like in Final Fantasy XIII, where you fight Yiazmat (the optional super boss of Final Fantasy XII) as the final boss, or any other title.
  5. Even if you so manage to land hits on Young Xehanort, he barely flinches, meaning he can get up and stop your combo anytime he'd like.
  6. While not as much as Lingering Will, Young Xehanort has a crap ton of HP.
  7. After getting his health to 0, you'll need to do a reality shift on him fast. In other words, you have only a sliver of a chance to preform it, otherwise he will rewind time and gain full health!
  8. When you DO manage to pull it off, you'll have to defeat his supposedly second form. However, Xehanort just loves to send clones after clones at you, meaning you'll have to dodge them more then you can fight, the clock itself has a lot of health, so you better be geared up.
  9. The second form of Young Xehanort is also kind of underwhelming in terms of appearances, it a freaking clock!
  10. The second form has a timed limit. Fail to defeat him and he'll once again rewind time, except regain 1/3 of his health! The worst part is, you have to watch an unskippible cut-scene.
  11. After all of this torture, you fight Armored Ventus Nightmare, who is at least a bit easier than Young Xehanort, but why throw a near-SNK boss territory at the player then throw a decent and not tough boss next?!

Why He Sucks (Birth By Sleep)

  1. His attacks and combos are even FASTER than in Dream Drop Distance, giving you little time to react, so it's wise to keep sprinting/rolling/cartwheeling to avoid him.
  2. All of his attacks are instant kills, regardless of your health and level, not unlike Vanitas Remnant.
  3. Unlike the Vanitas Remnant, he has four health bars. However, he has a much lower defense.
  4. One of his attacks involve him becoming invisible and attacking you, forcefully removing the lock-on. Good luck trying to avoid and hit him without seeing him!
  5. On the topic of his attacks, one of them involve him cloning himself and then repeatedly attacking you. If avoiding only one of them is already hard, try doing this with many of them!
  6. This boss fight is so poorly designed, that the only known way to defeat him is to spam attack commands that give you temporary invincibility (like the Fire and Thunder Surges) as soon as he stops attacking.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Young Xehanort overall isn't a terrible character, even if his reveal does come off as meh.
  2. The boss music is AWESOME!
  3. The area you fight him in has plenty of room. Plus, it looks very fitting!
  4. You don't need to worry about the Drop System here.
  5. In Birth By Sleep, he stops attacking quite frequently, leaving himself open to your attacks. However, the arena is much smaller.

Tips (Birth By Sleep)

  1. Just after Mysterious Figure uses the X-Slash attack, he will stay still for a brief moment. Attack him in that moment with a Surge command and try to stay as close as you can when he performs the attack to maximize damage.
  2. When he pulls you in the air, quickly use Air Slide to escape (if you don't it will kill you) and use a Curaga command while you're falling, since he's harmless while you're in midair and he's on the ground.
  3. Also, when you are falling down after he pulled you in midair, use a Surge command just before landing to run into him. You won't do much damage, but he won't react, leaving you time to flee. Do not use this time to heal yourself, since he will recover a few moments after and will most likely attack you.
  4. When playing as Terra, remove all commands that increase the length of the dodge to exploit the dodge's invincibility.
  5. Regardless of which character you're using, equip the Void Gear Keyblade since it will most likely be the weapon with the strongest physical attack power you have and you won't need to use attack magic.
  6. If you have the chance, push him into the corner of the arena and repeatedly use Surge commands to keep him from attacking and leave him defenseless.