"Supply Lines..." is an optional mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It's given to the protagonist Carl Johnson by Zero from his RC shop located in Gracia, San Fierro.


Zero has been humiliated by his rival, Berkley. To make Zero feel better, Carl agrees to use Zero's latest project - a RC plane fitted with a heavy machine gun - to get back at Berkley by destroying his delivery service.

Why It Sucks

  1. The fuel gauge of the RC Baron is actually a timer, it will drain even when your finger is off the accelerator and it will drain very, VERY quickly.
  2. The couriers spawn randomly ever time the player starts, and they don't follow pre-programmed routes, making the mission a luck-based one. If the two nearest couriers spawn too far apart, chances of victory will be rather slim.
  3. If you take too much time taking out the first two couriers, the remaining ones will be too spread out, meaning that you probably won't have enough fuel/time to chase them down.
  4. The RC baron has very wonky controls, and aiming the machine gun is rather tough, especially on the PC version, where you have to use use a keyboard and mouse.
  5. Two of the couriers are riding dirt bikes, and one is riding a mountain bike. Their small sizes makes it even harder to hit them.
  6. The couriers are carrying Micro-Uzis for some reasons, and they fire back if you should give them a chance.
  7. Like Demolition Man from GTA: Vice City, this mission is somewhat pointless as CJ can easily take out all the couriers within half the game if he goes after them himself.
  8. The reward itself is not very good, considering the high difficulty

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the post-Hot Coffee versions of the game, the fuel gauge will only drain when the throttle is pressed and the fuel capacity of the plane is greatly increased.
  2. The RC Baron is immune to everything besides bullets, so one doesn't need to worry about crashing.
  3. This mission is optional, so if you are not going after 100% completion, you may choose to ignore it.


This side mission has gained notoriety for its high difficulty, has rated it as the hardest GTA missions of all time.