06 SonVsSilv


Silver the Hedgehog is a character and a rival boss of Sonic 06, he is the second boss in Sonic's Story and is the fourth boss in Shadow's story, this boss battle is widely infamous by fans for its quality.

Why He Sucks as a Boss in this Game

  1. Silver's (at least in this game) overall annoying character.
  2. Very annoying battle, Silver can grab you with his telekinesis power and can combo you without taking a break.
  3. Whenever Silver grabs you with his psychokinesis, he will always say this very irritable line: "It's no use! Take this!", much like the "All we had to do, was follow the dame train, CJ!" line from Big Smoke, it gets annoying, fast.
  4. The crappy camera never focuses on Silver, making it hard to know where he is.
  5. Even if you can perform a Homing Attack on Silver, it puts you a bigger risk as you can get stuck while trying to escape, only for Silver to grab you in mid-air and combo you, so your best beat is to just slide kick him.
  6. There is a big chance that Silver will grab you while you're near a wall and knock the rings out of you, only for you to unexpectedly pick up one ring, and then lose it from Silver only to pick it up again, causing an infinite loop of hitting the wall over and over again.
  7. Very unbalanced difficulty, on one hand, Silver is way too difficult to be the second boss fight in Sonic's Story, on the other hand however, once you know how the battle works, he can be beaten in a matter of seconds.
  8. You have to face this boss two times!!!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great boss music.
  2. Lots of humor.
  3. Silver's lines "It's no use! Take this!" becomes a very popular meme.
  4. There is something oddly satisfying when the fight is reversed in Silver's Story. Being able to grab Sonic and Shadow almost makes you want to say "Now you know how I felt".


  • During the first part of his Sonic 06 review, the Angry Video Game Nerd found this boss fight so unfair and annoying that he literally rage quitted. He did manage to beat Silver eventually, though.