Phantom is the third and penultimate boss of the spin-off game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, this boss is rather infamous for his difficulty.

Why He Sucks As A Boss

  1. You have to dash spotlights before you can hurt him, which is annoying, particularly during the final phase, which has THREE.
  2. Phantom's attacks do high damage.
  3. The spotlights are pretty spread out.
  4. Phantom has an ability where if you move, he turns you to stone, which makes you useless.
  5. Much like previous bosses, if you lose to him, you have to watch a really long cut-scene, and the worst part is, it is un-skippible!!!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Before and during the boss battle, Phantom sings a really funny and entertaining song, to make things even more interesting, he actually talks!
  2. It's really satisfying when you finally beat him.