Ornstein and Smough are characters and a pair of bosses from Dark Souls, they are considered one of the hardest bosses not only from the series, but also one of the hardest boss battles of all time.

Why They Suck

  1. You have to fight not one, but TWO extremely powerful bosses at the same time
  2. Both boss are dangerous in both their attacks and battle style.
    1. Ornstein is very fast, agile and can attack from afar with electricity.
    2. While Smough is slow, his attacks are devastating, especially at close range.
  3. Both bosses complement each other on strength and speed, making this a brutally hard battle.
  4. Once either one of them is killed the other will absorb its power and become much stronger than it was before, worst of all, the boss will recover its full health, example.
    1. If you beat Ornstein, Smough will gain Ornstein's abilities and gain lighting powers, meaning that all of his attacks get powered up by electricity and can do twice as much damage, even his shock-wave butt bounce gets an increases in size.
    2. If you beat Smough, Ornstein will gain Smough's abilities and get an increase in size and will copy Smough's moves, with the most noticeable (and most humorously) example is his shock-wave butt bounce, this is probable the most dangerous phase as not only does he have Smough's brutal strength, but he still retains his speed.
  5. This battle is so hard that many players tend to rage quit at this point.
  6. Even the developers admitted they made this boss too difficult.
  7. Unfortunately, these bosses will grant you an item crucial to advance the plot, so if you want to continue the game, you must defeat them, whether you want to or not.
  8. This boss battle is often used as a clear example of Dark Souls´s steep learning curve and difficulty.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The bosses design are both awesome and badass.
  2. An NPC can be summoned into battle, making it much easier.
  3. If you manage to defeat this duo you can consider yourself a true Dark Souls player.
  4. They are kind of cool due to their battler style, as you can choices which boss fight you want too take on and so one, so it at least has replay values.
  5. At least their not as bad as the Bed of Chaos.


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