Retribution Lucien

How on earth did we went from an awesome battle against a freaking dragon from the first game to this piece of garbag?!?

Lucien Fairfax is the main antagonist and final boss of Fable 2. Sence today, this "boss battle" has been widely controversial by both gamers and critics alike, and has been widely hated and critically panned, both for its poor quality and execution, many fans have considered Lucien as one of the WORST final bosses in gaming history.

Why He Sucks

  1. Lucien's overall character is nothing but hateful. He is an extremely arrogant and self-esteemed asshole who thinks highly of himself and for the entire game has causes so much misery to the protagonist that it is down right evil, all of this, just to bring his murdered family back from the dead, including:
    1. Killing the main character's older sister at the beginning of the game and later on killing the main character's entire family (because a prophecy says they could stop him).
    2. Enslaves the protagonist for 15 years (because the protagonist deliberately signed on as a menial worker to infiltrate his operation).
    3. Tries to kill the protagonist twice.
    4. Kills the main character's dog (after it takes a bullet for his arch-enemy).
    5. Kidnaps the protagonist's friends so that he can perform a ritual (which can only be performed using those specific people) and bring his family back to life.
    6. Plans to destroy the world all becaues he thinks no one deserves to live if he isn't happy.
    7. Never... frigging... shuts up of how he is supposedly so much better than the protagonist (not actually true).
  2. Whats probable the most infamous thing about Lucien is the so called "boss battle" agents him, as the final confrontation was not intended as a combat encounter, all you do is just pull out a music box to stop the ritual Lucien is performing and drain his shield, and after draining Lucien's shield, get this, you simply ONE-SHOT Lucien (who by then is an extremely frail, elderly man) with a gun and the battle is won. That is extremly stupid and anti-climatic due to how much build-up Lucien has been given. Give Jasper Batt Jr, Lord Arktivus Brevon, Lord Vanaduke, Gate and/or Tails/Eggman credit, as frustrating as their battles was, at least they put up more of a fight and did not hold back (because they were intended as combat encounters, not scripted sequences, like Lucien).
  3. In addition to this fight being extremely anti-climatic, Lucien's defeated cut scene is also beyond unsatisfying, after you shot him, all Lucien will do is just make a few grunts, back away a few steps and then fall off the platform (down a shaft that is several miles deep).
  4. ANYTHING can kill Lucien with just one hit, such as a hammer or magic (because he is an extremely elderly man seeking to reverse the flow of time and live with his murdered family).
  5. You can shot Lucien anywhere to one-shot him, even going so far as to shoot him in the freaking foot can one-shot Lucien.
  6. Even if you don't shoot Lucien, he won't even bother to fight you, all Lucien will do is just say a bunch of jibber jabber, and after finishing up his lines, Reaver will shoot Lucien instead, ruining the protagonist only chance of revenge, and will mockingly say an infuriating line: "Oh I'm sorry did you want to kill him?".
  7. Bland music.
  8. Bland atmospear, its just a generic underground cavern.
  9. This overall battle-style can also catch many Players off guard. For those who don't know, in all dialog bits seen in Fable 2, you are not allowed to pull up your gun and shoot, you must wait until the dialog of that character is over, in the case with Lucien, some Players will think to wait until Lucien stops taking to fight him, only to lose their chance because Reaver (as mention from number 6) will one-shot him instead. Question: How in the actually hell were Players suppose to know that?
    1. Because of this, many fans will be quite ticked when they found out when watching walkthroughs on YouTube that they can pull up their gun and shot Lucien, and the real fun part is, if they want to get their proper revenge on Lucien, they have to start the entire game ALL over again, which remember, is 13 hours long, even longer if going for 100% completion.
  10. What makes this "battle" even more insulting is that many bosses previous putted up much more of a fight that was both challenging and fun, even the very first boss, let that that sink in, the very first boss in the entire game (which is suppose to ease up the Player at the begging) putted up much more of a fight then Lucien, who is the final boss!!!!! That alone just shows how out right terrible this "battle" is, granted this game isn't exactly combat fouces, but that is still no reason for making the battle with Lucien so anti-climatic.
  11. Much like the battle agent Jasper Batt Jr., there are some fans who defend this battle, as in theory, this boss was meant to show that without powers, Lucien is simply just a normal man. But even that however does not excuse the poor quality in the battle, especially after that huge build up considering that Lucien has been causing so much shit before getting his powers.
  12. This battle just shows how very poor this boss is compare to the first game's final boss, for one thing, you have a freggen dragon with an awesome design and a huge selection of attacks, then you have Lucien who has an incredible bland design with quite littery no means of attacks.
  13. This battle also shows how wrong it is: for one thing, you have Lucien, who has a personality that will make you want to run it over with a monster truck, as Fable 2 is built around revenge against Lucien. players would want an awesome battle and an epic and sytisfying conclusion that will make him suffer... so to have Lucien only get one-shoted, make a few grunts and fall down to the abyss below, is just plain stupid.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Lucien's does somewhat suffer (albeit bearly) after being shot.
  2. The way that you can cut off Lucien's dialog by one shooting him with a gun is kind of funny.
  3. At least Lucien overall character isn't as bad as a certain antagonist from Modern Warfare 3.


  1. If Reavel just so happens to one-shot Lucien, do yourself a favor and restart the game ASAP, as you will restart to an area before the "boss fight" against Lucien.