Jasper Batt Jr is the main villain and final boss of No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle, after his debut, he became one of the most hated bosses in videogame history.

Why He sucks

  1. Jasper's overall hateful character.
  2. The first phase of Jasper is so easy that you can beat him without taking damage once with no problem.
  3. However to continue the fight there is a point in which you must lose a Quick time event against him. problem is, you wouldn't know that first time playing it.
  4. The second phase goes from pathetic to an absolute nightmare, he has attacks that are extremely hard to dodge more mainly a triple teleport punch, he also has others like a grab and a swarm of laser bats, worst yet after loosing a certain amount of life, he will start throwing air waves everytime he uses his teleport punch attack making it even harder to dodge.
  5. If you are near a window and he hits you, there is a good chance that he will instant kill you by knocking you and breaking the glass making you fall from the building
  6. The third phase, while not as hellish as the previous one, is very annoying due to the position of the camera and that Jasper's attacks deal a lot of damage and the long range of his attacks.
  7. Jasper has an annoying voice and he never shut up.
  8. Jasper's defeated cut-scene is beyond unsatisfying, as he explodes, he grins!!!
  9. There is a theory that says that Suda51 made this boss awful on purpose to tell the message that revenge is never satisfying, however if that is the case that doesn't justify ruining the game's final boss. Even worse when you consider that Travis establishes having more of a reason to face jasper other than just revenge after beating Alice. He wants to shut down the UAA and stop the needless killing and violence.

Redeeming qualities

  1. The each one of Jasper's theme songs are amazing.
  2. Jasper has a good variaty of attacks.
  3. The way Travis destroys Jasper in his last form is somewhat funny.