Gigabolt Man-O-War is one of the 8 Mavericks of Mega Man X8,His stage (Dynasty) is a lot different from the usual

Mega Man stages, beign a flying Ride chaser stage ( Not too different than a stage from StarFox ) however it has some problems that make it a really awful to play

Why it Sucks

  1. The stage consist in one flying section in which you must follow and gun down Gigabolt, but you have a time limit (two laps around the stage). Fail to shoot him enough times within the time limit and you lose. You can obviously shoot and you can use the special weapon energy to accelerate (there are power-ups in the stage to recharge it). However, the problem with the stages are, first the overabundance of posts and cars that act as obstacles that make the stage frustrating. Second, and a bigger problem, is the perspective of the stage, that makes getting power-ups annoying, and third, even more problematic, making the trajectory of your shots confusing, especially during curves.
  2. Gigabolt is not a very big target so is hard and frustrating to shoot him (the problem with the perspective), he also moves a lot and thows plasmic proyectiles at you, also he can easily leave you behind. Our advice? Get to point-blank range and rapid-fire like hell, and specially at the beggining of the level
  3. The biggest problem in with the stage is the atrocious slowdown, worst yet, it's constant, making the stage a a lot more frustrating than it needs to be.
  4. When playing as Zero and after defeating Earthrock Trilobyte, the boss battle with Gigabolt is easily exploited by just frantically jumping and swinging the Z-Saber, is even easier if you also killed Dark Mantis since now you can use the spinning attack in the air.

Redeeming qualities

  1. The weapons Gigabolt gives you are pretty good. It's recommended to go to Dark Mantis's stage (Pitch Black) after you get these weapons. With Raikousen, Zero can extend his dash distance like X can with the Ultimate Armor and the Nova Strike, which is recommended because he has the shortest dash distance in the game, excluding the Zero Armor.
  2. The fight with Gigabolt is decent, despite the bad quality mentioned above. Playing as X or Axl poses more of a challenge.