Aurora unit 313

This is how they were originally going to end the Metroid Prime series?

Aurora unit 313 is the final boss of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it is the second phase of the main antagonist of the game, Dark Samus, although not an awful boss, many fans considered Aurora unit one of the more disappointing bosses in the Metroid series.

Why It Sucks as a Boss

  1. Aurora unit's design is very bland and not interesting, its littery just a giant spider-like beast with a cord attach on its butt.
  2. This battle is very easy when playing on Normal Mode.
  3. Most of Aurora unit's attacks are very easy to avoid.
  4. Bland final boss music.
  5. While Aurora unit does have two forms, they aren't that dangerous.
  6. You are on a timer when battling Aurora unit, as the Pazon levels will rise, it that happens then its game over, you will then have to start the entire level all over again.
  7. This was, for a while, the final boss fight in the entire Metroid Prime series.
  8. To add insalt to injury, this takse place after the Dark Samus boss fight, who she herself puts up more of a fight.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Aurora unit has a good variety of attacks.
  2. At least the Auora unit does get a good bit of build up as there is a recorder in the Space Pirates ship.
  3. Aurora unit does put up a fight on higher difficulties.
  4. This is thankfully not the final boss in the entire Metroid Prime series, as Metroid Prime 4 is on its way.