The Alchemist/Hunter mission is a two-part mission in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and its remake in the Spyro Reignite Trilogy, this mission is located in the level Fracture Hills which is in Autumn Planes, the second hub-world of the game. This mission is infamous for being incredible tedious, and its overall high difficulty.


In the first part of this two-part mission, the Player will have to escort the Alchemist and keep the Earthshapers away from him so that he can use the potion to free Hunter from the rocks, if the Earthershapers are not push away before they spot the Alchmist, they will break the Alchemist's potion, forcing the Player to start from the begging.

In the second part of this two-part mission, the Player will help Hunter take out the Earthshapers by head bashing into them after they get stun by Hunter's arrow, if the Player does not head bash the Earthshaper in a few seconds after being stun, they will get back up, forcing the Player to start from the begging.

Why They Suck

  1. The Alchemist will walk in an incredible weird pattern, meaning that the Player will accident loses track of him.
  2. The Alchemist will walk into every single Earthshaper in this area.
  3. If the Alchemist takes a single hit from the Earthshaper, not only will the Alchemist drop the potion with the Earthshapper laugh, but you will have to start then entire mission all over again
  4. To add insult to injury, you know how the Alchemist was trying to get to Hunter the Cheetah? Well the place that Hunter is, is right next to the starting point were the Alchemist was! This basically means that the Alchemist was walking in a long and dangerous path with the Earthshapers to an area that is littey a couple feet from were he started out from.
  5. The Earthshappers after being stun by Hunter will only be down for a few seconds, so you must be on your feet at all time.
  6. Sometimes Hunter will shot more then just one Earthshaper, so the Player could lose track on which Earthshaper Hunter has stunned with an arrow.
  7. If you don't head bash that Earthshaper in time, it will get back up and laugh, forcing you to start all over again.
  8. If you though all of this was bad, well here's the worst part. Players will often do the Alchemist mission for the first time, given of how easy it is to 100% Spyro 2: Riptos Rage, only to not be able to the Hunter mission after words as they do not have the head bash ability, which is in the third hub world, Fracture Hills is in the second hub world, and this level has to be completed in order to advance to the third hub world, and the real fun part is, Players will have to do the Alchemist mission all over again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These missions are optional.
  2. You get two Orbs for this two-part mission, so it will be worth it.
  3. Going back to the mission with the permanent Superflame ability is incredibly satisfying.


  1. Do not attempt to do this mission on your first playthough, wait until you get the head bash ability to do this mission, as there is also the Hunter mission.
  2. Keep an eye on an Earthshaper, you'll be able to know were the Alchemist is as the Earthshaper will raise its pick axes to hit the Alchemist.